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Top 5 Upcoming Features in v2.2

Posted by Sharp Auction Engine on Apr 21, 2017 11:42:55 AM

Sharp Auction Engine's version 2.2 update is just around the corner, bringing with it more options and powers of customization than ever before. While the update brings plenty of minor to mid-size feature enhancements and additions, these are the Top 5 most exciting, empowering things to look forward to.

Let's take a look.

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Coming Soon: Clerk on the Fly®

Posted by Austin Kizer on Apr 5, 2017 4:53:45 PM

Sharp Auction Engine is preparing to enter the world of live clerking with our next update. Our team has finished initial development on an exciting new feature to expand your auction capabilities: Clerk on the Fly®!

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Introducing Rick Bauer: SAE Auctioneer Advisory Chairman

Posted by Austin Kizer on Feb 2, 2017 4:10:39 PM

Sharp Auction Engine is pleased to announce the addition of longtime auctioneer Rick Bauer (fathertime.com) to the team! Rick will be serving as the Chairman of our Auctioneer Advisory Board, serving as a strong liason between our developers and the wider world of online auctioneering.

Rick Bauer and Sharp Auction Engine Director of Operations Carolyn Williamson.

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Coming Soon: SAElive

Posted by Sharp Auction Engine on Aug 15, 2016 5:01:47 PM

We have some very exciting things lined up for the near future here at SAE, and we wanted to take a moment to give you a sneak peek at one of our biggest upcoming projects. We are happy to announce a new partnership with Live Streaming LLC, with whom we are collaborating to present a brand new product: SAElive. This technology allows seamless integration of online and live, in-person auctions through a sleek, highly responsive interface that will provide an unparalleled Simulcast experience for bidders.

We will soon be opening this feature to the first round of beta testers, so we wanted to take this opportunity to offer an introductory glimpse and open discussions about what types of features you would like to see in a Simulcast service. User feedback is the most valuable tool we have to guide our development, so it is important for us to hear what you have to say.

Keep in mind that all of the following pictures are of the alpha version of the feature, and certain cosmetic and structural changes will likely occur before the final release.



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Stay Tuned

Posted by Austin Kizer on Aug 1, 2016 3:29:30 PM

Follow this page to keep up to date on news of the latest features and upgrades that are planned for Sharp Auction Engine. We have a lot of exciting things coming your way very soon, and this page is the best way to keep abreast of those as they're developing!

If you would like to provide input on any of the things we're working on, or have suggestions for things you'd like to see, leave a comment below, or on any subsequent posts. Alternatively, you can always email us at feedback@sharpauctionengine.com or call (256)261-3159.

We'll be giving you your first behind the scenes look soon!

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AuctionLook and Sharp Auction Engine Announce Partnership

Posted by Sharp Auction Engine on Apr 18, 2016 2:32:00 PM

Sharp Auction Engine, the cutting-edge platform for online auction technology, and AuctionLook, the leading mobile marketing service provider for auctioneers, are announcing a dynamic new partnership, combining the exposure provided by a major online listing syndicator with the freedom and accessibility of a powerful, private label online auction platform. This relationship will serve to greatly benefit the existing user-base of both services, offering the necessary components for auctioneers to build thriving, high-traffic online auction spaces.

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